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Living on Last Month: For Freelancers

Self-employment is a roller coaster. You probably didn’t start a business for stability, but it’s still surprising how volatile things can be for freelancers. One month, you’re turning away contracts because you’re too busy. The next month, you don’t hear from a single client. Your business will have slow periods. It’s inevitable. Last year a …

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How to talk yourself into charging more

Dear freelancer, I want to talk about how much you’re charging. I bet you could charge more. Life-changing amounts more. Like most, I wanted to make more money. But first, I had to convince someone that I was worth a rate increase. It wasn’t my clients. I had to convince myself. If I told you about freelancers charging $20,000/week …

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Be a Top Freelancer: Don’t Disappear

What makes a freelancer successful? Setting rates? Getting leads? Productivity? These are all worth studying, but I’d like to share a secret that has been the single-biggest factor in growing my freelancing business. It’s so fundamental it seems silly to have to talk about it: Don’t drop off the face of the Earth. A year ago, …

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