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90% Projects and WordPress

90% there. The site is always 90% there. It happens to all kinds of software projects. A well-meaning developer gets the bulk of the site done, and then comes the final 10%. The detail work. The edge cases. The home stretch. And many developers quit before they reach the finish line. That’s when I hear …

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Plugin or Theme? Where Does My Code Go?

Where do you put your code? It’s a problem with every language, platform and framework, and WordPress is no exception. If you’ve worked on a WordPress site of any size, you’ve probably struggled with the same thing I have: Does this code go in a plugin or the theme? Some background I’ve dabbled in a …

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Client Work: The TOFU Plugin

Some WordPress projects only need the tiniest of tweaks to finish. Some things you’ve probably heard from clients: “Can you change this plugin I installed to do $something_slightly_different?“ “I’d like to get more/different information from $third_party_api“ “Can we add a new content area to my theme?” Sigh. Why are you sad, programmer? Because the fix …

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