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Carrie Dils does a very laid back, fun interview podcast every week, with guests from the WordPress world. If you haven’t heard of it before, Office Hours is worth a subscribe.

I was the guest on April 23rd, and I had a blast. We talked freelancing, WordPress business, and performance. I’m a terrible interviewer (see if you can catch my “mental freeze” moments), but I think the show turned out pretty good – most of the credit going to Carrie & the audience for asking great questions.

Thank you to Curtis McHale for introducing me to Carrie, and for everyone who listened. I hope it’s not the last time!

Here’s the video:

She’s doing another episode today. You should tune in!

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  1. Patrick says:

    Hey Andy,

    Just saw your spot on Office Hours FM and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    While you’re much further along than I am as a developer, we seem to be in similar spots as business owners.

    I’ll be keeping up with your blog for sure. It’s encouraging.


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